Deputies wrangle loose kangaroo in Texas neighborhood

Authorities in Texas said a kangaroo spotted hopping loose through a neighborhood was safely captured and returned to its owner. The Kendall County Sheriff’s Office said deputies responded to the North Exchange area of Boerne on Tuesday morning when residents reported a small kangaroo hopping loose. Deputies were able to capture the kangaroo with help […]


Texas native Kyler Murray was never a Cowboys fan because “they were always ass”

The Cardinals and the Cowboys have had a one-sided rivalry over the years. The Cardinals regarded the Cowboys as enemies; the Cowboys regarded the Cardinals as a mild annoyance. Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray recently spiced things up with this explanation for the fact that he wasn’t a Cowboys fan despite growing up in Texas (via […]


Harmful protein waste in the muscle

An international team of researchers led by the University of Bonn has identified the cause of a rare, severe muscle disease. According to these findings, a single spontaneously occurring mutation results in the muscle cells no longer being able to correctly break down defective proteins. As a result, the cells perish. The condition causes severe […]


Tesla’s China-made vehicle sales surge 29% in May – auto association

Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) sold 33,463 China-made electric cars in May, including exports, a 29% jump from April, according to data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) on Tuesday. China’s new electric vehicle sales surged 177% to 185,000 cars in May from a year earlier, CPCA said. Overall passenger vehicle sales, however, rose just 1.1% […]


Square Enix announces action-heavy spinoff Final Fantasy Origin

The next Final Fantasy spinoff is heavy on the action, and certainly doesn’t skimp when it comes to giant swords. At its E3 2021 keynote, Square Enix revealed Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin — yes, that’s the actual full title — which is billed as a collaboration between Final Fantasy veterans Tetsuya Nomura and […]


Indian boy, 9, hula-hoops up stairs, breaks Guinness record

A 9-year-old Indian boy became a Guinness World Record holder when he climbed 50 stairs in 18.28 seconds while hula-hooping. Aadhav Sugumar of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, climbed the 50 stairs at the Kumaran Kundram Temple at Hastinapuram Main Road in Chromepet while keeping a hula hoop in motion around his body to break the record […]