Mrs Hinch fans share tips to dry washing at home in winter without a dryer

Many of us aren’t lucky enough to have access to a garden or outside space to hang up our clothes.

It’s freezing cold outside anyway so slinging your washing outside isn’t an option for those with a washing line anyway.

And even if you have a tumble dryer, soaring energybills might leave you reluctant to use it.

But it’s not especially warm inside – meaning washing can take a few days to dry.

Now Fans of cleaning guru Mrs Hinch have been sharing their key tips for drying your clothes efficiently at home during winter on Facebook.

One member of the group recently asked: “With energy costing so much lately, in last three weeks alone we’ve used £93 in electricity!

“It no doubt comes from having washer and dryer on all the time but with five of us, there’s not much I can do about it.

“Does anyone have any ideas on how I can dry my washing without using tumble dryer all the time? I’ll be too scared to do any washing at this rate!”

Members were keen to suggest some decent alternatives – including a dehumidifier.

One wrote: “Get yourself a dehumidifier! I got one recently, it has a laundry function. Dries clothes in a couple of hours. So cheap to run as well. Never need to use your dryer again!”

Another advised: “I brought an electric airer from Amazon which dries a load overnight. Tumble just for towels – works well.”

A third added: “I dry mine on a free-standing washing line. You can buy them from any camping shop, put them up in the lounge when you all have gone to bed!”

Others suggested trying to hang clothes on items such as curtain poles, with one woman advising: “Any T-shirts or jumpers I put them on hangers over a radiator in a room that has a curtain rail over the top.

“Clothes are dry in a couple of hours and no extra costs.”

Another commented: “I hang all shirts, T-shirts upstairs in a doorway. Warm air rises so your heating should dry it.”