Contractor finds seven kittens, nine cats inside wall of vacant home

A Philadelphia contractor who was taking down a wall at an abandoned home when a kitten fell out ended up rescuing nine cats and seven kittens from the inside the wall.

Philadelphia Animal Care and Control said in a Facebook post that the contractor was taking down a wall at a vacant home where meowing had been heard inside the walls and a kitten fell out through the hole he had made.

The contractor discovered nine adult cats and six more kittens over his next eight hours of work, officials said.

Animal Care and Control said one of the kittens did not survive, but the others were cleaned up and given veterinary attention.

“They owe their lives to the contractor who saved them and brought them to us,” the group said.

The post said it will take some work before the felines are ready for adoption.

“The cats are scared, some will require more socialization, but right now they are resting in their cages,” officials wrote.